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Museum of Spetses

The Museum of Spetses is housed in the Mansion of Hatzigiannis-Mexis, who was one of the first lords of Spetses during the years of the Struggle for National Independence.

The imposing building with the high arches was built between 1795 and 1798 in a Π-shape and has been declared a protected monument since 1924. It houses objects that represent more than 4000 years of the island's cultural history covering all forms of art.

Important relics of the Revolution of 1821, including the Revolution flag, the Bouboulina's Ossuary, weapons of the same and other fighters, historical documents, personal belongings, portraits of Spetses sailors, watercolors, and oil paintings of ships of the Struggle, and rare figureheads. In addition, the Museum houses the findings of the pre-Mycenaean shipwreck of Iria and ceramic vessels of the Early Helladic and Classical periods, tombstones, and sculptures of the Roman and Byzantine periods.

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Bouboulina's Museum

The 300-year-old Laskarina Bouboulina's Mansion has been a museum since 1992, with a live tour of about 40 minutes, during which the visitor hears about Bouboulina's life and work and at the same time sees heirlooms of the Struggle, personal items of the heroine and other remarkable exhibits.

The Reception Room dominates the large painting replica of the famous work of Peter Von Hess depicting Bouboulina ordering the cannonade of Nafplio.

In a prominent position is an African sword, a gift from Tsar Alexander A', while in the library the visitor can admire rare books and the gold-embroidered headscarf of the captain.

Furthermore hanging on the wall is the Turkish license (Sultan's firman) for the construction of the ship "Agamemnon", with her design on the back.

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