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"Armata" is the representation of the historical event of the Battle of Spetses and is a cultural and religious celebration.

The naval battle took place between the Greeks and Turks on September 8, 1822. The Turkish fleet, wanting to supply the fortress of Palamidi in Nafplio, sailed to the Argolic Gulf, intending to attack Spetses first. The people of Spetses, despite being far behind in numbers and despite the opposite wind, managed after many hours of naval battle to set fire and sink the Turkish flagship, thus repelling the rest of the Turkish fleet. The people of Spetses attributed their victory to the help of the Virgin Mary and so they named the small church located in the Old Port "Panagia Armata".

The festivities take place each year, in early September and last for a week, and end with the representation of the burning of a dummy of the Turkish flagship, with a simultaneous narration of historical events.


The Spetsathlon is a large sports institution that takes place every May and is attended by hundreds of athletes from Greece and around the world.

It consists of:

  1. Spetses Triathlon Sprint -750 meters swimming, 25 km cycling & 5 km Running

  2. Spetses Triathlon Endurance -1,500 meters swimming, 50 km cycling & 10 km running)

  3. Swimming Games 1000m / 3000m

  4. Cycling Race (25 km - a full tour of the island)

  5. Running 5 km (participation is allowed from 12 years old)


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Spetses Mini Marathon

The Spetses Mini Marathon that takes place every October is the largest multi-sport event in Greece, making the island of Spetses the ultimate sports destination for both Greeks and foreigners.

It includes:

  1. Running 5 km (participation is allowed from 12 years old) / 10 km / 25 km

  2. Swimming Competitions 1500m / 3000m / 5000m

  3. Children's races: Running 500m / 1000m for elementary school children & My First Spetses mini Marathon ", a walk without electronic timing or final ranking for children 0-5 years old.

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Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta, SCYR

The International Race of Classic and Traditional Boats of Spetses was founded in 2011 and it is the most popular race of its kind in Greece.

Also is considered to be one of the most important in the Mediterranean.

It is organized in the month of June with races of classic boats, but also of traditional boats and Latinos, a fact that is world originality. The Institution is in addition to being an important sporting event, a pole of attraction for many tourists.

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Spetses Tweed Run

The “Spetses Tweed Run” takes place every year in the spring and is an "old-fashioned" bike ride.

The event is supported by the Hellenic Bicycle Museum with its active participation. The island is filled with participants, who with their classic bikes and their elegant clothing choices with a "tweed" character, experience as a united group, moments of carefreeness. The purpose of the event, in addition to fun, is through the game of hidden treasure to get to know the island better.

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