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Arolithos is a place of unique elegance

Arolithos is a small Guest House offering a luxurious experience. A place where simplicity meets excellent aesthetics.

Arolithos offers high-quality accommodation and personalized attention to its guest's needs.
Carefully designed, each room has its character, aiming to offer a relaxing escape to its guests. 

For those seeking a homelike experience perfectly combined with the high standards and uncompromising quality in all aspects,

Arolithos is a perfect choice.

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What our customers say:

"Highly recommended"

"I loved everything from the first moment I arrived! The room was extremely clean, quiet and spacious. It is located at a wonderful spot, having nearby everything you could possibly need. Bakery, coffee shop, beach, restaurant, bar etc. 5-10 min. walk from the center of town. Our hostess, Jenny, is a wonderful person and she’ll inform you about everything you need to know about the island and its whereabouts. Every morning we had treats in our room, including handmade sweets, cookies, coffee, and many more."

Sotiris Greece

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